Afterword from Protest & Assembly at Bank of America

Thanks to everyone… We had around forty participants and supporters drop by at different times during the two hour protest at Bank of America yesterday.

Twenty-eight Occupy Galveston participants took part in a questionnaire regarding issues that were addressed by NYC’s General Assembly in their Declaration of Occupation. Of all the issues presented in the NYC Declaration the five of most important concern to local participants were (in no particular order):
The rights of workers to bargain for higher pay.
Misinformation by the corporate media.
Corporations having the same rights as people.
Home foreclosures and the mortgage crisis.
Continued bailouts while executives receive bonuses.

We were also able to convene a General Assembly, very informal with about twenty participants, you can read a summary and the minutes from it here.

Occupy Galveston will be holding another protest and general assembly next Saturday on 28th & Seawall at Menard Park between 11:00am and 1:00pm. More information on this is upcoming.


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